Architecture According to Pigeons

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This unusual book is unconventional but great fun. Let Speck Lee Tailfeather guide you through the Architecture according to pigeons. Let him reveal to the human race the ins and outs of a pigeon’s sensibilities! Speck will guide you through many great buildings and shows you that pigeons are real admirers of great architecture. He really hopes to finidh the pi-geonocide practised by humans.

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Architecture According to Pigeons is an original book by Phaidon Press. Let Speck Lee Tailfeather guide you through his trip around the world, and explore its visits to the most remarkable buildings and structures. A pigeon chronicle of on a round the world journey, narrated by Speck, and full of architectural facts.

Looking for a fun and unusual gift? Architecture according to pigeons is the perfect answer, for young and old lovers of architecture!

A great idea and a beautiful book, showing the close relations between pigeons, humans and passion for stunning buildings, landmarks and architecture.

Hardcover Book

Size: 26 x 33 x 1 cm

Weight: 790g


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